Two special 1982 concerts

tumblr_inline_n598u0NgRK1r761cwThe trio 1982 recently released their two-sided fourth album A/B, and the reviews so far has been very positive. In a review in UK magazine Rock A Rolla, critic Euan Andrews states that the music on the A side is “bringing forth imaginings of where Talk Talk could have vanished to after Laughing Stock.” found the album both “highly original and emotionally captivating.” Clive Bell in The Wire disliked the A side, but nonetheless writes in his review that “this is a trio that excels at leaving each other enough space, and whose musical communication is second to none.”
To celebrate the release of A/B 1982 will do two very special concerts in Bergen, Norway. In connection with this we have talked to Øyvind Skarbø from 1982. The first event is a very special concert on June 5th, together with Fredrik Rysjedal. Please tell me about this event Øyvind!
I’m very much looking forward to this. Fredrik Rysjedal is a very interesting artist, currently doing his PhD on comics. Now, these are not comic books in the sense of Donald Duck or Bamse – Verdens Sterkeste Bjørn, neither is it the kind of Frank Miller-adult-comics. What Fredrik has been doing, is that he has researched how comis can be expanded, like adding sound and music, or doing online-versions which includes the reader in a new way.
At the concert we’re doing with him, we will be playing live music to his drawings, and Fredrik will also do some reading The story is based on his grandfather. What it really is about, is that it raises questions about how well you know someone who is really close to you in terms of family tree – but that you might not have even met, which is the case with Fredrik and his grandfather. I’ve only seen some sketches and had him telling me about his ideas, and I really think it will a powerful performance. His grandfather were torpedoed twice during World War II, and still managed to keep a cool head.
By the way, Fredrik did the typography for our first album which came out 2009. He also did the animated music video for the song “Rope”, released on Hubro by my other band Bly de Blyant. It’s nice to work with him again, he has a really colourful way of thinking. Even though it’s all in black and white.
Bly de Blyant: Rope (video by Fredrik Rysjedal)

You are also doing another concert on June 15th, that takes place a Bergen Kjøtt, a creative melting pot in Bergen. This is a collaboration with artist and photographer Elisabeth Færøy Lund. Where did the idea of using Elisabeth’s photo series on all the 1982 albums come from?
Both Elisabeth and I are from the same village, Stranda. I vistited some mutual friends of ours in Oslo once, and they had maybe 8 pictures from the series on the wall. It was the most amazing photos I ever saw, and I think I got the idea to use them as artwork for a record immediately.
She studied art in Gothenburg, and what she did is to take pictures of every house in a street called Nansengatan. She also took pictures between the houses, so that every other picture shows a part of the house you just saw, and part of the next full house you’re about to see. There’s 24 pictures in total and we’ve used four of them so far, one for each release. Even though we changed label after the first album, I have been very determined to keep with the idea.
The concert we’re doing at Bergen Kjøtt, will not only feature the amazing trumpeter Stian Omenås, who also composed and directed the music for the piece “18:16” on A/B, but also an unique photo exhibition by Elisabeth. It will be the first time the whole street is shown in its entirety. Adding to this, we came up with this ridiculous idea of printing one of the houses in large scale, 4 x 4 meters, and it will cover an entire wall. We’ll play in the middle of all this.

Just the other day, as I was discussing the exhibition with Elisabeth, she showed me the other pictures – because she photographed the two street next to Nansengatan too. And it’s amazing. It’s probably one of the most fascinating collections of pictures I ever saw. I’m trying to encourage her to make a book out of it. Taschen should be proud to release something like it.
Elisabeth Færøy Lunds website

I would also encourage everyone to check out the music video she made for Hanne Kolstø’s song “The Clinch.”
Hanne Kolstø: The Clinch