The new Building Instrument video is here

The trio Building Instrument exist in a sort of fantasy-filled no man’s land between electronica, organic pop and something more mystical and fantastic. They had already built a solid fan base before they released their debut record to rave reviews in 2014. On their second album, “Kem Som Kan Å Leve”, their mode of expression is deeper and more dreamlike, the soundscape is broader and more substantial, and their music is still extremely addictive and strangely catchy. They now release a new video for the track «Rett Ned» from the album. The video was made by the dutch visual artist Simone Hooymans, that for some years has been living in Ålvik in Hardanger, Norway and took two full months to produce.
Homans had earlier made a video for the track «Sweet Mysterious» from Building Instrument singer Mari Kvien Brunvoll´s Norwegian-Grammy nominated debut solo album. The video has won two awards and has travelled festivals internationally. «I remember I started to cry when she came home to me to show me the video. I was so touched by the meeting between my music and her work» says Mari. «This time around we knew eachother well, and since we gave her a deadline, she worked super-concentrated 24-7 in two months to finish the video. There´s a large amount of hand made drawings that went in to this… – Then – BOOM it was finished, and the result is pure magic.»
Building Instrument: Kem Som Kan Å Leve CD/LP