The Island Band: In A Milky Way (digital release)

Digital release
Release: 10.12.2019
Composer, artist and renaissance man Lars Myrvoll adds a third album to The Island Band cycle; «The Island Band has been an isle of total creative freedom for me. This last album of three, had me thinking a lot about such things as automation, the current state of music, and what it all means to me personally.». Seemingly even less concerned with addressing the audience of a particular genre than the last time, the album starts out in his apartment with Ole Henrik Moe jr. In A Milky Way then takes us through a poetic recollection of an encounter with a legendary musician, as well as his musings on the subject of AI, in grandiose dramatic orchestration, the next track acclaims his love for the work of Milton Nascimento and Louiz Bonfá on a samba note, and drifts carelessly into a casual and playful improvisation by guitar, churchbell and whistling – totaling at 20 tracks of adventurous explorations in sound and music; we encourage you to take a listen to In A Milky Way .



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