Super Heavy Metal: Gong Splash Midi Midi LP

LP released 20. November 2020

No roadmaps – lots of effects
Super Heavy Metal makes music by playing the most underrated and mysterious instrument in the band: The cymbal.
Super Heavy Metal’s second solo album takes a step further from the last. From solely focusing on the cymbals without effects, this album is filled with processing and synths, all based on the cymbals.
The music is recorded during long days experimenting in the studio:
“I didn’t want any rules for the tunes, I wanted to be free and not know what we were going to make.”- Kim Åge Furuhaug.
Super Heavy Metal is Kim Åge Furuhaug
Kim Åge Furuhaug: cymbals
Ådne Meisfjord: processing
Produced and engineered by Emil Nikolaisen at Malabar
Mixed by Anders Bjelland at Broen Studios



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