Splashgirl: Arbor

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Second album from youngsters Splashgirl see them re-inventing themselves from a piano trio in the European jazz tradition to a “band” in a more boundry-less musical landscape some place between ambient, experimental rock, jazz, and contemporary music. It is still improvised acoustic music, but it definetely sounds quite different.

The band states Eric Satie, Earth, Morton Feldman and Oren Ambarchi as important influences. Repetition and duration play a major part on “Arbor”. The music drifts slowly forward and details comes into focus. The members of Splashgirl also play with the Blokk 5, Lama, Solveig Slettahjell Slow Motion Orchestra, Ingrid Olava and Laser to mention just a few.





  1. “More expansive electronic textures imbue “Arbor,” but what’s most definitive about it—and the entire album—is Splashgirl’s deep attention to dynamics and detail. The slightest emergent harmonic or (e)bowed acoustic guitar string triggers music heavily reliant on the power of decay and carefully articulated nuance. Development is so gradual as to be nearly imperceptible, yet where “Arbor” begins and ends are ultimately two very different places.(…)the Norwegian scene continues to be intrepidly forward-thinking, with Splashgirl proving the vast potential of seemingly small ideas. Demonstrating significant growth, Arbor is a simply remarkable album where the slightest gradation speaks with great profundity.”
    – John Kelman,

  2. “Musikken bare flyter av sted i sitt eget, uanfektede tempo. (…) en plate som er rik på stemninger og som gir lytteren en nærmest filmatisk opplevelse.”
    – Fædrelandsvennen

  3. “Sporene på Arbor leverer lyden til de millioner av ubevisste tanker som ligger i bakgrunnen av vår bevissthet. (…) musikken anbefales på det varmeste.”
    – Universitas

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