Pål-Kåres Elektroshop: Wooden Glory (Limited edition white label LP)

Release: 09.13.2019
Pre-order LP
Side A
1. Aves & Fraxinus (6:33)
2. Quelqu’un est dedans? (4:03)
3. The Spike (1:36)
4. Zen & Martin (8:29)
Side B
5. Cantharellus Cibarius (6:23)
6. Wooden Glory (9:48)
7. Dusk (4:38)
All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim & Pål Hausken.
Pål Hausken: Drums & percussion, acoustic guitar, piano and modular synthesizers
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim: Jupiter 8, Prophet 6 and modular synthesizers
A new addition to HUBRO´s ongoing limited edition white label LP series!
Pål Kåres Elektroshop was formed when drummer Pål Hausken and producer/keyboardist/composer, Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim drove a big truck-load of drums, modular-synthesizers, electronics and studio-gear to Vestrheim’s rural country place in Østfold, Norway. They left all musical rules and boundaries aside and had at it with an open mind. The Idea of an “electroshop” had long awaited to reveal them selves, but now was the time for the much used backup musicians to explore the freedom and make music completely on their own premises.
Pål Hausken started of he’s career in the much critically acclaimed trio In the Country witch have 8 albums under their name. He have the last decade been one of Norway’s busiest drummers. Hausken have toured with an extremely wide range of artists and have left he’s mark on records with artists such as “Music for a while”, Thomas Dybdahl, Ida Jenshus, Frida Ånnevik, Solveig Slettahjell, Odd Nordstoga and many more.
Kåre Chr Vestrheim, was earlier this year once again nominated for the Norwegian Grammy awards as producer of the year. He has been the back bone of the making of successful records with artists such as, Highasakite, Odd Nordstoga, Marit Larsen and Motorpsycho to mention a few. With this new project Vesterheim is finally bringing him self on to the live stage again after many a year as perhaps Norway’s most central backer.
Within one week of long and inspiring sessions at the country home in Østfold, the duo’s debut album was made. The sounds of birch wood, creaking doors, birds chirping and golden dust from the spirit of Vangelis paint the colors of their musical environment. All of this while Hausken’s deep drums sound and Vestrheim’s atmospheric synthesizers run like a red line in the duo’s musical storytelling.
The result speaks of and album while moments of hushed, contemplative, moods, gives heady and riveting instrumental music where the mixing ratio of electronica and improvised music is like any other great mixed sugar water: Half by half.