New single and sheet music from Stein Urheim

Good news! Stein Urheim has two new releases coming up on HUBRO. In the autumn he will release a limited edition LP with new pieces for acoustic guitar, recorded at Oslo’s Paradiso Studio earlier this year: “Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs”. And early next year he will release his, in our opinion, most accomplished band album so far, “Downhill Uplift”, where he is joined by the bassist Ole-Morten Vågan, and two drummers: Hans Hulbækmo and Kåre Opheim. Waiting is a drag, so to keep you all happy we are today releasing the first single from “Downhill Uplift”. The track “Amalfitano” is quite representative for this treat of an album. In our opinion it is also the perfect track for the season we are heading into, and has been on constant repeat at the HUBRO HQ stereo system for a while already. In addition we are making available the score/tabulature for all the solo guitar pieces featured on “Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs” in a printed version with design by Yokoland, so that the guitar players out there can learn Steins pieces even before the album is released!
Listen to “Amalfitano” here
More info on Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs sheet music here