New signing: Brutter

We`re very happy to welcome Brutter to the Hubro-nest! The duo Brutter consists of Christian and Fredrik Wallumrød, a team with long experience from various parts of the Norwegian music scene. Fredrik (drums/electronics) is known primarily as a rock and metal musician with bands such as Span, El Caco and Dog Almighty. He also plays with Jarle Bernhoft and Susanna.
Christian Wallumrød (drum machines, synth, electronics) has made a name for himself with his own ensemble among others, and with the quartet Dans Les Arbres, which has been nominated for this year’s Nordic Council Music Prize. Both bands have made a number of recordings with ECM Records, and have toured all over the world. Earlier this year Christian released his solo piano album “Pianokammer” on Hubro, garnering excellent reviews. Brutters self titled debut LP will be released on August 18.

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