Swedish guitarist Stackenäs and Norwegian percussionist Zach are well known names in the European improvisation scene. Stackenäs and Zach previously worked together in the now defunct three-piece TRI DIM, together with saxophonist Håkon Kornstad. Stackenäs and Zach decided to work on as a duo, but now with a radically different musical agenda. Ingar Zach, now based in Spain, has been a key figure in Norwegian improvised music the last ten years. Together with guitar player Ivar Grydeland he founded the improvised music label Sofa in 2000. Zach has played with Derek Bailey, Jon Balke´s Magnetic North Orchestra. David Stackenäs is one of the most prolific Swedish improvisers and has recorded with among others Mats Gustafsson and Fred Loneberg-Holm and is a member of the groups Boots Brown, Fire! Orchestra and Seval. Italian improviser Giuseppe Ielasi is since the debut album album «Collab» the groups third member.
Bucket of Songs CD/LP

Collab CD (with Mariam Wallentin, Giuseppe Ielasi and Ståle Storløkken)