Kim Myhr great Tiny Mixtapes review

HUBROCD2578Check out this great review of Kim Myhr´s upcoming album “Bloom” from Tiny Mixtapes:
It feels fitting that Myhr has defined Bloom as his “electronic” album. Bloom shows Myhr using his large-space sound more as a compositional element, with parts of the same process of Limbs applied to electric guitar, as well as electroacoustic processing thrown into the mix as well. Oh yeah, and a zither. Either way, nothing on Bloom represents what we’ve come to understand more conventionally, even in experimental or non-conventional terms, as “electronic” music. To be sure, every genre term is loaded; telling someone you’re a fan of electronic music can put you anywhere in the spectrum from Skrillex to Mark Fell. But Myhr is attempting to expand the idea of how things fit together while also showing how an individual forms a specific sonic idea, before letting that idea fall into a larger compositional conversation. This aspect is not necessarily new for Myhr. He’s used his large, chamber sound element in many of his collaborations, notably with Jenny Hval and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, as well as in his many live collaborative settings. Myhr the composer tends to return to a sound, one that he initially formed over a long period and documented quickly (as was the case with Limbs), bringing this sound into the pool when he takes on the studio, composition-from-sketch process. On Bloom, Myhr opens up to new processes and, as such, seems committed to finding how the sounds on Limbs fit into a world with other sounds and how that specific sound fits into a conversation with sounds from the electronic processing canon. If anything, it can be constructed as an individual’s romantic step into the larger world, facing the things outside themselves, discovering how their individualities blend in and stick out from a mass whose parts are both known and unknown.
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