Hilde Marie Holsen on The Guardian playlist


The track Plagioklas from Hilde Marie Holsen is included on the The Guardian´s electronic playlist this week: From the wee Norwegian label Hubro, which has housed excellent avant-jazz talents such as Moskus, Huntsville and Splashgirl, is this new release from trumpeter Hilde Marie Holsen, who also uses electronics to sketch out her odd landscapes. In this piece, a trumpet improvisation emerges out of twitching static as if picked up by a radio held up to the sky on an icefield. Holsen’s wandering melody is utterly wondrous, and met halfway through by an electronic tone that mirrors it exactly, then strays on its own course – eventually both are caught in an apocalyptic smudge of noise. Exceptional, and there are only 200 vinyl copies, so don’t sleep.


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