First single from The Island Band´s upcoming debut album

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 The radio edit of the song “Swimming” is the first preview from The Island Band´s debut album “Like Swimming” that is due for release on HUBRO in the autumn 2015. It is a type of album you seldom hear these days: very evocative, spanning from vivid images of physical motions to memories of a day by the sea – the band is mixing pop and experimental music in a truly contemporary way. The album is mostly instrumental, but also includes some songs with vocals.
The track is a lush radio edit of a longer album track – the pop ballad “Swimming” performed by talented singer Maria Due and frontman Lars Myrvoll. “Swimming” unites old songwriting-traditions, grand and unusal orchestration and avantgarde sounds, with modern forms of r´n´b and electronic music. No less! The song is set in a warm summer evening and has to be one of very few addictive songs right now where a baroque Theorbo is included in the line-up.
The Island Band is a project-band led by the musician, composer and producer Lars Myrvoll, on this recording he is joined by a all Norwegian band with members from Ultralyd, MoHa, Kråkesølv, Sheriffs of Nothingness, Møster and Datarock.
Voice 1: Maria Due
Voice 2, guitar, synth, programming: Lars Myrvoll
Piano: Ole Erik Ulvin
Violin, Viola: Ole Henrik Moe Jr. & Kari Rønnekleiv
Theorbo: Solmund Nystadbakk
Clarinet: Kristine Tjøgersen
Bass: Petter Waldemar Nohr Unstad
Drums & Percussion: Morten Olsen
you came to me
you were animal
sang a world
and we began to grow
together at times
sometimes so apart
its a compromise
we just sing our part
say who am I
to be singing songs
can you hear my voice
if so hum along
see the flowerlike
structures feelings hide
see the ocean I
reflect your beautiful eyes
I can see us as we swim
as I give in to what I’m feeling
what you sing comes alive
as we swim you and I
every word I’ve heard
seems so dogmatized
you know fabric wise
were just strings in time
with tangled lines
that sometimes align
seemingly fragmented
but yet so alive
remember when
we fell in love that time
we were swimming and
it was warm outside
we just kissed and smiled
all our silly thoughts
they just vaporized
I can see us as we swim
as I give in to what I’m feeling
what you sing comes alive
as we swim you and I
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Swimming_2400x2400 px