Dans les arbres tour

Danslesarbres_CphotoAndreasUlvo2One of our favourite bands in improvised music, Dans les arbres, has signed with HUBRO and a new album named “Phosphoresence” is due for release in February (Norway) and March (World). Their tour starts in France on February 16th. Be sure to catch them!
16th February: L’Église Saint Maximim/Fragment – Metz, France.
17th February: Les temps du corps – Paris, France.
18th February: Muma – Le Havre, France
19th February: Penn Ar Jazz – Brest, France.
28th March: Blow Out/MIR – Oslo, Norway.
30th March: Playdate/Landmark – Bergen, Norway.
31st March: TBA – Antwerpen, Belgium (dobbel bill m/Ruben Machtelinckx)
2nd April: Museum Dhondt Dhaenens – Deurle, Belgium (dobbel bill m/Ruben Machtelinckx)
3rd April: De Ruimte – Amsterdam, Holland.
8th April: Non-Figurativ Musikk – Tønsberg, Norway.