3LP box set

Heavy package of testpressings arrived at the HQ! Always very exciting. We will release a 3LP box-set version of  the Ketil Bjørnstad: Early Piano Music 2CD released in 2011 in July 2014. The set collects the music from the albums Preludes 1&2 and Pianology. The LP box set will include tracks previously not released on the CD version.
These three albums are from the middle period of Ketil Bjørnstads career, and were recorded in 1984 and 1987. The music evokes imagery, and like so much of Bjørnstads music it straddles the border between classical and jazz.
All the music on the records has been composed, but there is plenty of space for improvisation.The 24 compositions in total that constitute Preludes 1 & 2 were written by Bjørnstad in 1984. They were first released on two LPs by the Norwegian underground label Uniton, which is most renowned for its releases with Holy Toy, Conrad Schnitzler, Fra Lippo Lippi and Harold Budd. Preludes 1 & 2 were later released as a CD set on Bjørnstads own label, Hermitage, and the Japanese label September, in 1993. Pianology was first released by the Norwegian label Hete Blikk in 1987, and re-issued on Hermitage and September in 1994.