2004 Money Ms

At present, this trend turned in 2004 money ms significant losses for both borrowers and banks and lending to small and medium-sized businesses in 2009 decreased almost 2 times – because of the crisis, banks have targeted its activities mainly on the work with large clients. Among these features are a higher interest rate, intensely wraps and highly diversified loan portfolio, which allows to respond quickly to the emergence of risks and manage them more effectively than simply build equity.

After that loan officer decides to continue the work with a client or refuse it. The development of the financial market and the legalization of savings services microfinance institutions to enable them to make the next step to becoming a full-fledged institution as a financial intermediary. 2004 money ms With the same connected component rating indicating the reasons for the growth of the loan portfolio: a) by increasing the size of the loan to one borrower; b) increase the number of borrowers; c) increasing the number of borrowers and increase the size of loans.

Usually in microfinance institutions is the basis of young people due to the youth of the organization, as well as the relative ease of operation, the possibility of easy learning standards of operations from scratch, as well as the prospects for rapid growth. As a result, a problem Microfinance organization loses key personnel and customers that go into more robust institutions microfinance.

It is doubtful that such a demand could be 2004 money ms called socially oriented investors is likely to CB the new shareholders expect to receive a significant return on investment. Firstly, in the pursuit of maximum profit credit organization can go on cheating client camouflaging the effective interest rate by establishing fees (one-time or regular) closing payment on the loan structure (not allocating debt repayment), presenting a monthly interest rate as an annual or without explanation of differentiation in interest rates according to the risk of the borrower.

When working with the funds to support SMEs do not require additional documents to banking standard package. But in the first half of 2010 the volume of loans granted to SMEs at 40\% higher than the results of 1-086-685-4641 the same 2004 money ms period of 2009, and a portfolio of SME loans reached 3 trillion usd (+ 14,5\% to January 1, 2010 ).1\% and the rate of savings decreased from 31. The first group includes the founders and members of microfinance institutions, profit microfinance institutions, savings of the population and the issue of securities; second – loans to credit institutions, donor funds and funds state.

Otherwise, such processes can trigger a critical mass concentration of risks in the microfinance industry with the potential to endanger the stability of the system. Officially the working group to implement the strategy was launched in February 2005 and is intended to monitor the implementation of the right to recommendations make. The 2004 money ms source of funds for future placement in the credit market may be the funds received as an attachment to the capital from the founders (participants, shareholders) of the legal entity carrying out microfinance activities, or borrowed from third parties on the basis of civil law contracts, primarily the loan agreement . The mechanism of loan repayment as follows: banks immediately pay the cash shop for goods sold or services rendered, and the buyer is gradually repays the loan to the bank .

The mass of microfinance institutions today can be clearly divided into their own banks and nonbanks. Under this scheme works European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), providing, as it was noted in the previous chapter, 2004 money ms credit facilities USA and UK microfinance institutions through the mediation of the Foundation to support small business in the USA and UK. The second approach considers microcredit niche in the range from several thousand to 1 million usd Based on the study’s easy to see the attraction of banks to the upper limit of this amount, resulting in an average size of micro-credit in the banking sector of about 500 thousand. On the other hand, to ensure the financial soundness and transparency of the microfinance market regulator necessary to introduce more stringent regulations and bring microfinance market on the principles and parameters of regulation in the banking, as micro-credit, even in the context of microfinance is a commercial activity.


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