1982 festival

press1Hubro have had the pleasure to be the label releasing the great trio 1982´s (Nils Økland, Sigbjørn Apeland and Øyvind Skarbø) albums since “Pintura” back in 2011. This week, from August 27th to 31th, the first ever 1982 festival will take place at Bergen Kjøtt, in Bergen. Photographer and artist Elisabeth Færøy Lund will exhibit the complete series of photographs from which the 1982 cover art has been taken.
Each night you can hear the trio with a impressive list of collaborators and musical friends: BJ Cole, electro acoustic composer Kristin Bolstad, Trygve Seim, Stian Omenås, Fredrik Ljungkvist, and animator Fredrik Rysjedal. In addition the festival line-up includes other bands, duoes and solo projects including members from the trio: Færøy Lund/Skarbø duo, Lumen Drones and Sigbjørn Apeland solo.
THURSDAY AUGUST 27 – BERGEN KJØTT (doors open 19.00)
-Elisabeth Færøy Lund/Øyvind Skarbø
-1982 + BJ Cole
FRIDAY AUGUST 28 – BERGEN KJØTT (doors open 19.00)
-1982 + Kristin Bolstad
-Lumen Drones
SATURDAY AUGUST 29 – (doors open 19.00)
-The Sound of Aurora – animated film with music by 1982 (Fredrik Rysjedal + 1982)
-1982 w/Trygve Seim and Stian Omenås
SUNDAY AUGUST 30 – Bergen Kjøtt (doors open 19.00)
-Sigbjørn Apeland solo
-1982 + Fredrik Ljungkvist
MONDAY AUGUST 31 – Griegakademiet (12.00)
-Masterclass with Fredrik Ljungkvist
The festival is supported by Arts Council Norway and Norsk Jazzforum. 1982-festivalen er støtta av Norsk kulturråd og Norsk jazzforum.

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1982 albums on HUBRO:
1982: Pintura
1982 + BJ Cole
1982: A/B
Sigbjørn Apeland: Glossolalia
Bly de Blyant: ABC
Bly de Blyant: Hindsight Bias