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Normally the 1500 online loans legit boundaries of regulated and altered by various regulations. It was determined that the main risks microfinance banks are credit, market, strategic and liquidity risks. So, for microfinance institutions have the opportunity to attract the savings of citizens, it is appropriate to apply the prudential rules (capital adequacy, reservation for possible loan losses, limit the size of micro-credit).

The relevant report of the Reserve Bank drew attention to the banks to achieve greater coverage of services by means of access to a simplified basic no-frills account in the bank. Although microcredit interest rates are often higher than the rates of commercial banks, while interest rates on “loans to pay” significantly higher than microcredit, the practice confirms that greater efficiency, scale and competition generally lead to lower interest rates. Especially commercial loan is that the loan capital are combined with industry. The term “microfinance” is defined 1500 online loans legit in the Act as the activities of legal entities having the status of a microfinance institution, as well as other legal persons entitled to carry out microfinance activities in accordance with the civil law, the provision of microloans.

Savings are realized through the same informal (in addition to the banking institutions) relations, as well as through informal associations such as mutual funds, mutual credit societies, etc. In such cases, currency risk is still present in the operations of microfinance institutions, the sharp fluctuations of the national currency impact on the solvency of small borrowers who make savings in foreign currency, buy goods abroad (“shuttle” business), paying suppliers cash-bound to the exchange rate. It includes: 1) the contributions of founders and shareholders (individuals and entities) in the authorized capital of credit institutions, microfinance institutions, leasing companies and pawnshops; 2) units of credit cooperative 1500 online loans legit members; 3) public funds in the capital structure of the state and municipal funds. For example, loans to regions with severe economic downturn will have about the same high level of defaults and dynamically developing region – a relatively low rate of return.

This form can be used, for example, the purchase of expensive equipment, t. This demonstrates the growth of intra-speaker level of optimism of borrowers: in the second half of 1500 online loans legit 1-500-311-0452 2010, loan applications by SMEs was aimed at 25\% more than in the first.

It is worth noting that although the loans are generally used more often overdrafts, while creating business credit institutions, as a rule, do not provide borrowers loan, namely overdraft or line of credit, with interest rates much higher, although it is more advantageous for the company is a loan, which provides greater stability. Thus, it is necessary to 1500 online loans legit understand how the new conditions to maintain the current level of access to services financial.

It is possible to distinguish two main financing mechanism of microfinance programs: 1) the direct involvement of donors in the organizations create they microfinance. Final Report of the supreme management body should include the following information: – detailing the use of loans, repayment, deposits (with a breakdown by product group); – Attracting new customers, customer care, the net increase of borrowers and depositors (by product group); – Variance analysis: comparison of target and actual values; – The quality of the portfolio: NPLs grouped by overdue periods, levels of maturity; – The profitability: the ratio of operating expenses to operating income, the profitability of assets; – Trend indicators: past due loans, the cost-effectiveness, profitability of the portfolio, capital adequacy, performance, personnel and departments; – Resource base: the need 1500 online loans legit for funds and the current position (the ratio of debt to equity); – Financial statements: balance sheet and income statement. In our opinion, raising funds on the basis of loan contracts concluded with an indefinite range of individuals with a view to subsequent placement in the credit market by financial intermediaries, whose activities are not subject to state supervision can lead to pyramids financial.

It should be noted, however, that the restriction applies only to the interest rate that allows organizations to establish a higher effective interest rate due to commissions. Under the impact of the crisis the production and sale of goods is reduced, and the demand for bank credit for the payment of debts increases. Finally, determining the index rating – is the presence of arrears on loans with a term of delay of 30 days to the volume of the loan MFIs portfolio.


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