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Modern information technologies make it possible 15 minute payday loan lenders to do it every day. In accordance with the provisions of the loan period begins on the day following the calendar day from the date of conclusion of the contract. Most microfinance institutions are not aware of the importance of credit risk management by increasing the volume of lending.

In developed countries, almost never used in Russia is used for short-range very loans. In the role of organizations (institutions) are the microfinance NGOs, commercial banks, credit cooperatives and a variety of licensed and financial unlicensed institutions.

The sources of loan capital are: 1) is released from the circuit funds – funds intended for recovery of fixed capital (ie depreciation fund); – Part of the working capital is released in the form of money due to the mismatch between the time of sale of goods and purchase of raw materials, fuel, materials; – Capital temporarily free in the period between the receipt of cash from the sale of goods and the payment of wages; 2) cash income and accumulation of personal sector; 3) cash accumulation state, the dimensions of which are determined by the extent of state ownership to a share of domestic gross product. For those MFIs 15 minute payday loan lenders who are legally allowed to work with savings and borrow from the population, this type of funds are the main source of assets, primarily the portfolio loan. On average, these types of IFI savings and loans account for 81\% of assets total.

The important is to rank the issue of loans in the MFI. However, the emergence of a very successful and fast growing microfinance organizations are actually raises the question of microfinance on the agenda of developing most countries. In general, the structure of borrowed funds MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS dominated by 1-522-833-2412 short-term savings and loans borrowed for up to one year.

Since more than 80\% of the proceeds Russian microfinance institutions have made savings, refinancing difficulties did not become critical for them. With the same connected component rating indicating the reasons for the growth of the loan portfolio: a) by increasing the size of the loan to one borrower; b) increase the number of borrowers; c) increasing the number of borrowers and increase the size of loans. For example, a common mistake when entering data on the loan – the omission of information about the borrower – is eliminated through the use of 15 minute payday loan lenders the program to fill the mandatory fields otherwise blocked operations processing.

For organizations engaged in microfinance activities, the status of which is determined by special laws include credit institutions, credit cooperatives, pawnshops. Most microfinance institutions are not aware of the importance of credit risk management by increasing the volume of lending. This document does not say, and the differentiation of levels of socio-economic development of regions, and does not address issues of development of the Russian financial market, including all its segments, with a view to redistribution of money capital in innovative projects. In particular, the risk of non-refoulement loans (credits) leads to a risk of loss of funds raised by the financial institution for lending.

Fundraising of non-participants (founders, members, shareholders) microcredit organization Legal restrictions in this area are one of the direct causes of a number of problems of formation of the resource base, outlined earlier. Funds raised on the basis of public credit, placed at the disposal of the government, turning them additional resources financial. Since the foundation of the information society is the creativity of citizens, it is necessary to ensure equal opportunities for its implementation throughout the country.


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