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However, analysis of the international experience shows that, despite the 123 online cash fact that interest rate restrictions aimed at protecting consumers, they are almost always hurt the poor. On the other hand, to ensure the financial soundness and transparency of the microfinance market regulator necessary to introduce more stringent regulations and bring microfinance market on the principles and parameters of regulation in the banking, as micro-credit, even in the context of microfinance is a commercial activity.) The term of consideration of loan applications (often could be seen advertising of small business lending for one day) for a secured loan (unsecured loans for amounts of up to 1 mln usd was perceived as the norm).

Banks are required to report their interest rates and the spread Bundesbank, which calculates the average rate market. Of course, today there are some normative barriers impeding this process, but the root cause of all, in our opinion, first of all is the lack of sufficient incentives for banks to develop new segments and territories.

The resource base for lending MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS generated by sources such as capital (or shares) of public funds and funds customer. However, starting from the II 123 online cash quarter of 2009, the microfinance market is gradually stabilized, and today there is an increase of savings.

This is effective because the establishment of offices MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS significantly cheaper than comparable establishment of bank branches. Parameters of the product credit should take into account the specifics of the cash flows of customers in segment this. Further development of the financial markets, USA and UK, along with the institutionalization of microcredit can help to increase the share of this source in the structure 123 online cash 1-575-208-4168 of resources financial. In working with troubled borrowers main burden falls on the front-office workers who need to keep in constant contact with the borrowers and in the event of delay to increase the intensity of such contacts.

Underestimating risks can lead to serious errors in the functioning of the proposed model, but their proper identification, in turn, requires effective forecasting on the basis of deep scientific discussion. Donors at this act, as a rule, international institutions financial. Nevertheless, the financing credit cooperatives at the expense of legal entities (non-members of the cooperative) is possible only under the condition 123 online cash that the founding documents of these legal entities provide funding for credit cooperatives. It serves the cycle of industrial capital, the movement of goods from production to the sphere of consumption.

Based on estimates of market demand and supply meet the growing needs of the population, taking into account significant territorial disparities can only be strong and diversified microfinance system that includes various institutions financial. The decision to grant a loan is taken most often credit committee of the branch or the Regional Committee – according to the size of the loan. The lender gives the borrower money or property for a specified period with the condition and the return of equivalent value, usually with the payment of the service as a percentage.

Among MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS widespread group so-called loans. Mobile phones are not taken into account, since there are no reliable statistics about how many of them used to obtain financial services. The requirements for management and accounting is very simple and flexible. In many countries, limits are set to protect consumers from unscrupulous lenders.


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