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For example, in Italy, almost 1000 dollar installment loan 250 banks engaged in microcredit, which represents over 73\% of the retail market, and among the services offered by banks appear payments (49\%), loans (20\%) and savings (31\%). At the same time it proposed to abandon the limitation of risk concentrations by sector and geographical terms because of the specific business of microfinance. In this situation, the main motive for repayment of loans is the prospect of obtaining new loans in the future; – If MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS not cover current losses from unpaid loans to own funds and thus ensure the smooth issuance of loans, reduced the incentive for timely repayment of loans and non-payment can get a massive, cumulative; – Relatively higher than in banks, the share of operating expenses microfinance institutions in danger of provoking interest payments shortfalls due to late repayment of loan proceeds to 1000 dollar installment loan cover costs current.

There has been a redistribution of loans provided to the detriment of poor clients. Taking into account the aforementioned factors which determine the level of interest rates in general, the algorithm of formation of market interest rates is as follows: I = r + e + RP + LP + MP, where I – the nominal interest rate; r – real interest rate on risk-free operations in the case where the rate of inflation is expected to be zero. However, the lender may require the borrower’s operational accounting data contained in the reports prepared for the management of the borrower. In recent decades, there is a significant increase in the variety of organizations that provide financial services to low-income households.

From the point of view of the bank’s participation in the implementation of its microfinance program increases 1000 dollar installment loan its social role and demonstrates the social orientation of the credit institution. Especially commercial loan is that the loan capital are with combined industry. As a result, the main financial institutions in small towns can often be extremely non-bank microfinance institutions.

Bank credit is granted in the form of cash loans and only on the basis of the loan agreement or the contract . Otherwise, such processes can 1-481-582-7460 trigger a critical mass concentration of risks in the microfinance industry with the potential to endanger the stability of the system. Some authors propose to allocate the four main categories of risk similar to the risk of the banking business: 1) credit; 2) operational; 3) market; 4) Strategic.

It seems necessary to work on the assessment of these risks and the establishment of regulatory standards in area this. Additional indicators to 1000 dollar installment loan assess the creditworthiness of the company are: the ratio of the volume of sales to net current assets: Net current assets – is current assets less short-term debts of the enterprise. Some authors propose to allocate the four main categories of risk similar to the risk of the banking business: 1) credit; 2) operational; 3) market; 4) Strategic.

The Basel Committee recommends that the supervisory authorities to give a definition of micro-credit, which may include the size of the loan term, the repayment rate payments, the methodology issue and other criteria. At the same time sources of funds microfinance institutions can be classified into two major groups: 1) sources, which are stable, but limited (eg, law or limit their own resources founders); 2) sources that are unstable and unlimited, but at the same data sources are not free 1000 dollar installment loan to organize and controlled. Previously dominated by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in retail markets of many countries now find themselves in a new environment, related to the transformation of some of the NGOs in full or in part regulated financial institutions, the emergence of specialized microfinance banks, the entry of commercial banks in microfinance, as well as an increase in specialized cooperatives and rural banks. This approach is also being implemented in the USA and UK: so Vnesheconombank through its subsidiary SME Bank (the former Russian Bank for Development) provides loans to commercial banks (so-called agent banks), credit cooperatives of the second level, microfinance organizations to implement their programs of microfinance for small businesses .

Protecting the interests of customers is regarded as one of the key elements of the system, market-oriented. The interest rate is set based on the current rates at banks.


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