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Bank certificates are required for the analysis of accounts receivable 100 percent acceptance payday loan from customers and used software, in order to better identify opportunities for lending to the borrower and to assess the overall level of credit risk.Currently, scientists, politicians, economists, practitioners have come to believe the special role of the factor of availability of financial services in the fight against poverty and other problems social. Micro-credit, funded by the Office, 170 intermediaries involved.

In working with troubled borrowers main burden falls on the front-office workers who need to keep in constant contact with the borrowers and in the event of delay to increase the intensity of such contacts. Prudential standards of capital adequacy and liquidity to microfinance institutions, attracting funds of individuals and legal entities in the form of loans, designed in accordance para with. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the obligation to comply with these restrictions is 100 percent acceptance payday loan counted only microfinance institutions, and the inclusion of information about the legal entity in the state register, ie, the status of microfinance organization, is carried out on a voluntary basis.

In Bolivia, the effective interest rate BancoSol (interest + fees) was 65\% per annum at the beginning of activities in 1992 in the presence of 4,500 customers. The unit of payment for services of the bank providing the loan, the annual percentage is, that is the amount that the borrower must pay the bank on the loan during the year. At the same portfolio at risk over 30 days, it managed to maintain at an acceptable level – 5.

show that it can be quite successful in at least a limited period of time. In terms of classification of loans 1-788-750-4222 100 percent acceptance payday loan the simplest solution is to 100 percent acceptance payday loan divide the level of loans overdue. In particular, the credit risk, operational risk, market risk and liquidity risk is considered separately.

In the United States since the 70s. We can not speed up the process of evolution as the market develops in the framework of previously created conditions that currently can not be changed.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision provides liquidity to require regulators for microfinance institutions – the organization must maintain a certain portion of the assets in the form of a stock of liquid assets unencumbered collateral against the borrowed deposits from customers, as well as a limit on the concentration of resources power. In recent years, risk management has become a special topic of microfinance for researchers.

Final Report of the supreme management body should include the following information: – detailing the use of loans, repayment, 100 percent acceptance payday loan deposits (with a breakdown by product group); – Attracting new customers, customer care, the net increase of borrowers and depositors (by product group); – Variance analysis: comparison of target and actual values; – The quality of the portfolio: NPLs grouped by overdue periods, levels of maturity; – The profitability: the ratio of operating expenses to operating income, the profitability of assets; – Trend indicators: past due loans, the cost-effectiveness, profitability of the portfolio, capital adequacy, performance, personnel and departments; – Resource base: the need for funds and the current position (the ratio of debt to equity); – Financial statements: balance sheet and income statement. In general, the potential integration of information bases of microfinance institutions and the banking sector can be seen as an important step to strengthen the credit system of the country.


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