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in the circumstances of 1 hr payday loans lack of working capital, formed gaps between payables and receivables and lack of bank lending to SMEs to take any measures in order to survive, which in turn has affected the transparency. Microfinance organizations can independently solve this problem by increasing the tariffs for services rendered, which will adversely affect the availability of their services and as a result will hinder the task of expanding the range of potential customers of financial services. Under the scope of regulation and supervision in this case fall within microfinance institutions in microfinance as a credit or deposit and credit organization. There are the following parameters of the individual materialization of credit risk.

When a commercial form of loan lenders are the economic organizations (firms, companies). Repayment Microfinance institutions to the Bank on a credit line on a 1 hr payday loans basis monthly. Although their size can be about 1 million usd, size is still limited due to the high risk incurred by the bank. It includes money earned by the organization in the form of interest income net of administrative and other expenses on the activities maintenance.

The Borrower shall use the funds for the purpose specified in the agreement loan. The loan officer is required to pay attention to growing indebtedness or significant customer credit card and frequent return of checks drawn from the customer’s account. In the process of circulation and circulation of capital formed the ebb and flow of funds, fluctuations in resource requirements and sources of its coverage.

Among MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS widespread so-called loans group. Repayment of the loan is determined by the bank in 1-568-233-0736 consultation with 1 hr payday loans the borrower. Depending on the level of market supply and demand, the value of the loan portfolio, and other factors and ways to ensure the criteria for assessing the quality of the collateral are subject to change.

Others have increased the average loan size (and thus, serve fewer poor clients) to increase revenue. Along with the accumulation of resources will accumulate and risk potential of the microfinance sector, which in future may lead to the need to revise the basic regulatory principles. Moreover, according to the authors, the creation of a single credit market in the long term is inevitable. It is necessary and appropriate definition of microfinance, microcredit, mikrodepozitov, microinsurance in the national regulatory framework.

” Introduction to the legal practice of the term “microfinance institution” as well as the establishment 1 hr payday loans of the principles of its regulation and registration allows expected growth in the number of this type of microfinance institutions. In the new conditions of permanent crisis becomes relevant industry-specific when evaluating loan applications, or rather, the ranking of sectors and sub-sectors according to the degree of exposure to the crisis, but given the fact that virtually no microfinance and may not be heavy industries and other sectors dominated medium and large business.

But in this paper I would like to focus on the analysis of the activities of banks in microfinance. As a result, the main financial institutions in small towns can often be extremely microfinance non-bank institutions. However tarnished reputation particular MFI can cause denial of credit or termination of the partnership, so important for MFIs informational openness to all stakeholders.


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