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Excess liquidity has to 1 hour money be a temporary phenomenon. At the same time sources of funds microfinance institutions can be classified into two major groups: 1) sources, which are stable, but limited (eg, law or limit their own resources founders); 2) sources that are unstable and unlimited, but at the same data sources are not free to organize and controlled. Although in accordance with Art. The concept of “commercial” means a trade, ie.

Russia though, and provides loans to foreign entities, but to a greater extent is the borrower rather than the lender. It should be noted that the device for providing financial services to provide only individual services and not yet able to fully replace the banking institutions. If it is a credit institution, and especially – banking credit organization, the process of formation of interest rates determined by the specifics of the banking business and indirectly regulated by the Bank of USA 1 hour money and UK.

In most countries, the required level of capital adequacy is set in the range of 8 – 12\% of the bulk, and the capital adequacy of the risk-weighted assets calculated as at all the norm. As a consequence, the interest of banks to the risk of lending to SMEs in the market has increased significantly, which resulted in a softening of the requirements for loans and reduction of interest 1-530-305-3303 rates.

2\%, but also limited in the second limit of 24. The central bank BCEAO and the Ministry of Finance introduced an interest rate ceiling for microfinance – 27\%. In addition, the Supervisory Board are public people, and in the case of anti-social behavior can hurt the reputation of microfinance institutions, and, on the contrary, she MFI can be in the center of the scandal of abuse.

As can be seen, of microfinance institutions less regulated compared with the bank, which, 1 hour money in our opinion, at present justified. At the expense of this deposit shall repay line of credit in case of arrears. More often MICROFINANCE Organizations – Non-profit organization to ensure fulfillment of the obligations using forfeit bail and (or) guarantee. International experience confirms that it is the most important financing source of external funding for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a result of Microfinance organizations are poorly managed, and the business goes out of control. Interest rate risk for MFIs associated with induction of changes in interest rates on loans granted and funds raised.

It is based on the delay now-seller payment for goods and providing enterprise-customer bills as his debt obligation to pay the purchase price after a period certain. Otherwise, such processes can trigger a critical mass concentration of risks in the microfinance industry with the potential to endanger the stability of the system.


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