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But in this paper I would 1 click payday loans like to focus on the analysis of the activities of banks in microfinance. Donors at this act, as a rule, international institutions financial. Today, many banks are actively involved in government programs to support small and medium-sized businesses.

These programs, in cooperation with private banks implementing state development bank KfW.1\% and the rate of savings decreased from 31. At the same time decreased and the requirements for borrowers (financial condition, the minimum period of existence of the business and so on.

Russia though, and provides loans to foreign entities, but to a greater extent is the borrower rather than the lender. However, in this respect, the risk of lending a large group of clients, connected by the common circle of friends, with family ties or ethical grounds. Nonprofit organizations can take the mortgaged property, whose formal (market) value is not high, but for a particular borrower is of significant value due to the fact that the property is the basis of his personal well-being or welfare of its business.

The company shall be at least one 1 click payday loans year. The analysis allows us to formulate some conclusions about the role and characteristics of micro-finance in the modern world. As collateral for a credit line taken “security deposit” in the amount of 10\% of the established limit for microfinance institutions (“security deposit” it may be granted to both the microfinance institutions, and a member organization of associations of Microfinance Organizations). In the USA and UK common form of state participation in microfinance programs is the creation of state and municipal funds (in particular 1-081-710-4832 to support small businesses).

SROs are intended to set the rules and standards of their members, to provide support and cooperation of microfinance institutions, to exercise control and supervision over their activities for compliance with the laws and the standards set by conducting periodic checks for this and asking for information. However, to scale up and meet customer needs is inevitable need to diversify resources through funding external sources.

It is expected that this global process will cover more than 3 billion people around the world who are currently excluded from the formal 1 click payday loans financial system. It is also important that such a mechanism has been focused on advancing, foreseeing events and training MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS to stress, including the development of appropriate measures. Bank is entitled to rely on the fact that customers of the microfinance organization – a partner overgrown sizes small business customers will later the bank. For microfinance loans may take a few guarantees one or more persons.

If microfinance provides commercial microfinance organization or informal institutions, the level of interest rates is generally very high, which is repeatedly mentioned practices the Grameen Bank and other microcredit organizations, is one of the major disadvantages of microfinance institutions, particularly if loan sharks and other informal entities microfinance. Thus, even in the US, where the financial system is based on the financial markets and is not bankoorientirovannoy as in Germany and even more in the USA and UK, more than 60\% of small businesses had credit in the form of credit lines and loans (for the purchase of vehicles, equipment, mortgage loan) or a lease financial.


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